With the onset of summer and warmer months, everyone is talking about – or heading for – the beach. Why not infuse a little relaxation and beach theme into your store displays. Start by opening up your fixture options – literally. More open shelving or tables do the trick, as do clear containers to hold any number of smaller, brightly colored items like socks, towels or bouncy balls. Showcasing your beachwear or beach gear in easy-to-spot storage bins or on a focal wall painted ocean blue gives the feeling of escaping to the sun and surf.

Try lighter wood displays in white or light maple finishes. You’re going for a light, airy feeling that will transport the customer to summer time. If you can’t change to lighter colors, design your displays to be sleeker with a clean line. Cherry wood and dark maple or black fixtures can work if they aren’t cluttered and you add beach-themed accessories in blues, whites and greens.

Three-tiered tables are ideal for summer displays. Creating a beach scene that is both functional and fancy is easy with three levels of space. Start on the top tier with a half-mannequin or a dress form. Dress the mannequin in a bright summer shorts set, swim suit or romper – add some sunglasses, prop a pair of sandals or flip flops next to it, and voila – a hot display emerges. The next table level can be used for inventory of the shirt or rompers shown on the mannequin, and the bottom level can showcase the sandals and/or flip flops. The arrangement can conjure up beach images, and encourage customers to think about their sea-faring wardrobe.