It may be September, but you can make your store or boutique shop feel more like the lost days of summer with some fresh fixture configurations and a welcoming atmosphere. Make your store a respite from the late summer heat and humidity outside your door. When a customer steps into the store, give her a complete summer experience.

Begin with a cool, temperature-controlled, welcoming atmosphere. Next, make your store look easy, breezy and lightweight by accentuating whites and maple tones throughout the floor plan. Merchandise showcases trimmed in white or light wood simply give the store a visual lift and make it feel lighter and cooler. Summer-ready displays should beckon the customer, making it easy for her to shop. That means plenty of uncrowded fixtures, and plenty of walking room between the fixtures. Remember that less is always more in a display, so use a greater number of fixtures that are pleasantly stocked, rather than fewer fixtures that are crowded with merchandise and require the customer to “dig” to find what they want. Be conscious of not overwhelming your customers.

The best and most popular fixtures for summertime displays are slat wall “H” units. These have a 3/4-inch thick MDF with a 3-inch groove and are available in white or maple. The versatility of slat wall makes it so popular. You can add a white or maple shelf to the wall, wire baskets or simple hooks – all options provide the light and airy feel, provided they are not too heavily stocked. Your merchandise showcases also come in the two summertime colors, and it’s worth it to change the look of the store for summer. Not only will these showcases “lift” the color palette in the store, but they will also give you extra room to display your summer inventory, further making the inside feel light and breezy like the outside.