If you give your store a whole new look each season – or even more frequently – then you need an easy and efficient way to move your fixtures around the space. The term, “movable fixture” seems a bit of an oxymoron, but instead of using a cart or dolly or good old-fashioned manpower, you can actually get built-in portability. Choose lightweight shelving and half-shelves that sit on countertops or tables. These can be stackable and reconfigured in a variety of ways to create different designs. Foldable racks with sturdy bases are ideal for flexibility throughout the store. Add wheels to the racks and you’ve got an mobile clothing display that can travel from the retail floor to a sidewalk sale or a trade show booth. Gridwall is easily portable due to its small size and lightweight design. Try it on a faux wall in the middle of the store.

If you use gondola shelving, you don’t have to be resigned to a single store configuration any more. Gondola shelving on casters is an excellent option for retailers who might move displays throughout the store. With any movable displays, check the quality of the wheels. They should be sturdy and durable, as well as easily movable. If they stick, turn or wobble, look for another unit. Be sure the wheels have a lock position – unless you want to chase them down the hall at the first customer bump! Placement of gondola shelving with wheels is limited only by the space and your imagination. Strong gondola shelving can hold heavy-duty items on every shelf, and the shelves should remain steady. Check for center braces or supports. Changing the look of your retail space can be an adventure on wheels – just keep it rolling!