Retail Store Fixtures, such as Gridwall, Slatwall, Showcases, and Gondola Shelving, are a necessary part of displaying your merchandise.  Large retail chains can afford to spend countless dollars on store design, branding, and visual merchandise that appeal to the average customer.  The problem is: How can small businesses provide the retail experience at an affordable cost without any hassle?

MidAtlantic Store Fixtures is currently working with a local graphic design studio to provide businesses with customized store fixtures.  In some cases, this may be as simple and inexpensive as creating a personalized vinyl cut logo adhered on your register stand or sales counter.  However you are not limited in the scope of your design.  We can add personalization to any of your store fixtures without adding exorbitant cost.  Even if you are having trouble coming up that perfect design, our team is equipped with professionals that have worked in the visual merchandising field for years and they will help you from start to finish for no additional cost.  However, if you do have that “creative itch” and want to create your own design, the next several blog posts may be of interest to you where we focus on adding inexpensive customization to common store fixtures like slatwall, gridwall, showcases, and even gondola shelving.  

Another important aspect of any store is signage.  Without appropriate signage, customers will struggle to navigate around your store and, ultimately, may not find all the items they want or need to purchase.  This is another area where large retail chain stores have an extraordinary advantage.  With their large budgets and in-house design team, these stores have the resources to create personalized signage and they know exactly where to display this signs for greatest customer impact.  Although most Story Supply Companies like MidAtlantic Store Fixtures carry signage in their inventory, it is usually limited to “one size fits all” signs that do not align with your store’s theming or design.  By working with a local designer, MidAtlantic Store Fixtures is able to create signs that work with all aspects of your store.  Perhaps more importantly we recognize that your time is valuable, so we provide this service in-house for your convenience.  Additionally, we can add “built in” signage to any of your store fixtures like showcases, slatwall, gridwall, and gondola shelving.

Check back next week for more pics of customized store fixtures for our clients.