A very popular store fixture in retail space is showcases, sales counters, and register stands.  These store fixtures serve three important purposes: they create a safely enclosed merchandising space for expensive or exclusive product, they separate the transaction space from the customer’s meandering space, and they serve as a storage space for transaction and sales paraphernalia.  Although this is a necessary aspect of a retail space, if you have seen one showcase, you have seen every showcase.   Additionally, purchasing a custom showcase is exorbitantly expensive and the wait time for many custom units is 4-6 weeks minimum.

MidAtlantic Store Fixtures offers a solution to create a customized look without the customized prices.  We can turn your logo or your theme into a graphic(s) that easily adheres to your showcase, sales counter, or register stand.  Because each graphic is customized, we can create something as simple as a small graphic on your register stand or as extravagant as a fully themed customer transaction station.  No job is too big or too small for our design team.

Another inexpensive option is applying a simple runner graphic to the floor piece of the showcase.  Something as simple as a graphic of seashells or waves at the bottom of your showcase can add a personalized effect that brings your showcase “to life” on the retail floor.  Also, another simplistic and inexpensive way to enhance a showcase is by adding a graphic to the showcase doors.  Most Showcases, with the exception of premium showcases, come standard with a plain white door.  Although white compliments all colors and styles of showcases, it is a very boring addition to an already plain store fixture.  By adding a custom graphic to the doors, you can create an interesting backdrop to your showcase and another facet of pulling a customers attention to your product.