What’s your plan for holiday displays this year? If you want to highlight your merchandise and get people’s attention, design a story! You can turn your window display or indoor display into a story by using the right store fixtures and accessories. Since stories usually involve people, mannequins are the characters you’ll want in your visual story. Depending on space and purpose, you can use several types of these life-like forms.

Full-size Mannequin

Full-size Mannequin – Create a skiing scene to display anything from sporting goods to hot chocolate mugs. Full-size mannequins can model complete outfits as well as handle lots of product accessories around them.  Because their arms detach from their torsos they are easy to dress and easy to position in the display.  They are available in a variety of stances, from walking to conversing, and they include your choice of wigs.  Use a grouping of three or four full-size mannequins to display warm, cozy sweaters, winter outerwear, hats, gloves, scarves and ski pants.  Since they are full-size and very life-like, add a pair of ski boots or popular snow boots to complete the look.

Glossy Mannequin – A glossy mannequin is ideal for more formal displays. Tell the story of the holiday party by displaying festive dresses and suits for the season on a glossy mannequin. The smooth, silky shoulders will complement the spaghetti-strap evening gown, and dresses and skirts will fall in a smooth wave over these shapely statuettes. They are ideal for displaying luxurious fabrics like velvet and satin, and they make a rich background for sparkling jewelry. Use the variety of stances available to design a dancing couple in holiday couture.

Half Form Mannequin

Half Form MannequinThese figures allow for top display on items like shirts, neck ties, scarves and hats. Because they are light-weight, they can be used in hanging displays or hooked on slatwall or gridwall fixtures using the supplied swivel hook.  Create a table scene with half-form mannequins that will bring life to a tableware display.  While seeing all the fancy china, flatware and linens, customers can also see the latest holiday sweaters or jewelry on the half form mannequin.

Dress Form Mannequin

Dress Form MannequinThe cloth surface on these mannequins provides an ideal way to tighten clothes to figure, or to put together a simple scene displaying a variety of colors or styles. The dress form mannequin focuses the customer’s eyes on the clothing rather than the scenery or the people, so it is ideal for categorizing merchandise.  The mannequins come with wooden stands for secure display and easy portability.  Stands are also available in black or white.

Bring your seasonal displays to life with mannequins