Of all standard store fixtures, Gridwall is undoubtedly the most modern and up-scale store fixture that is not priced at custom cost.  Gridwall easily installs to any wall, preferably one without metal studs, with brackets that support each piece. Multiple pieces of gridwall can be attached using clips that hold and support each piece. In terms of versatility, gridwall can easily be set up as movable fixtures, with and without casters, by installing individual pieces into a self supporting gradwall base.   No matter how you look at it, gridwall is a superior store fixture option and all new and any experienced store owner should, at the very least, consider it for his or her store.

Since gridwall is made of chrome with a fenced front, the wall behind the fixture will remain exposed to the customer’s eye.  Therefore, it is important that the wall be aesthetically appealing in color and appearance.  Unfortunately, many new store owners do not have the budget to “built out” new walls in addition to all other expenses incurred during a store opening.  MidAtlantic Store Fixtures offers an affordable solution to this problem by offering custom backdrops for gridwall and gridwall fixtures.  To accomplish this, we are work in tandem with a local graphic design studio that supplies and prints custom graphics onto a sturdy and durable pieces of foam board.  To install the backdrop, you simply remove the protective seal from the adhesive located on the perimeter of the backdrop and adhere it directly to wall behind the fixture.  Most importantly, we can turn any graphic or logo of your choice into a backdrop or our design team can find a graphic that works perfectly with your store’s theme.  If this sounds like an option for your store, do not hesitate to call or email our design team for a quote today.