What’s hot for summer retail? In the fixture world, it seems to be showcases. If the trend is all about light colors and airy displays, then showcases are the answer. They allow both. They’re cost-effective and provide unmatched space for displays and inventory. When they come from MASF, they are assembled prior to delivery by a trained staff of professionals, then they are brought to your store and installed by experienced installers.

If you’re a summer store preparing for the season, you may not have realized the timing involved in ordering showcases or other display needs. Special orders can take weeks to arrive. If you can buy locally, you’ll save on freight costs and time. Instead of waiting a minimum of 10 days or more for delivery when ordering either from a catalog or an out-of-town warehouse, you can have your showcases already installed within one to two business days. In addition, you can actually see what you’re getting if you shop locally. Visit the warehouses. Talk to the owners. See what’s in stock and available for your use. Showcases can be bulky and difficult to ship. Sometimes they don’t look at all like the catalog picture or color. Choose a partner who can take care of everything for you with kid-glove care. As a summer store, you can’t afford to waste time waiting for shipping and setting up displays yourself. You need to get started selling now! Showcases from MidAtlantic Store Fixtures are the answer.