If you’ve been to fashion shows, dance, gymnastics, cheerleading or ice skating competitions, or retail trade shows, you know the value of the traveling garment rack. It’s everywhere, and in some instances, you’ve only “made it” when you have enough wardrobe items to fill said rack. Or, if you have some extra rack space, you can offer to share it. You may have learned that a rack sharer is a rarity, so if you’re lucky enough to find one, tell her to hang it up – your clothing, that is!
You might not be going to a trade show or a competition, but the portable garment rack can become an essential staple in your retail fixture planning because of its flexibility and mobility. It can be easily moved from place to place on your retail floor, serving many uses during the different seasons. Winter mark-downs, new fashions for spring, swim suit sales, and more are only some of the in-store ideas. If you want to hold a sidewalk sale, the garment rack is a must for displaying clothing or athletic wear. Garment racks are available in a variety of shapes and designs, including round, “S” shape, waterfall, and single or double bars in a rectangular configuration.
When choosing a garment rack, keep in mind the following considerations;
– Choose racks that fit your specific needs. If you don’t think you’re ever going to travel with the rack, then choose a more high-end, heavier grade of metal so that it can hold a large quantity of clothes from any season. Or, if you do a lot of shows, invest in the best light-weight, yet sturdy unit, you can find.

– Inspect the rack material itself and the thickness of the metal both on the supports and the rack sections. Look for something that won’t bow in the center when items are hung on the rack.

– Test the wheels. Make sure they are sturdy and spin easily when pulled. The last thing you want is a rack you can’t control. If there seems to be a bumpiness or a screeching noise when pulling or pushing the rack, either the wheels are not attached correctly, or this particular rack is not up to standards. Wheels should turn smoothly and without incident.

– Check the locking system. There should be a lock on at least one of the wheels that engages easily with the touch of a button or the pull of a lever.

Garment Racks
– Decide on how portable is portable. Garment racks are convenient only if they don’t take more than a minute to collapse and go. Usually the best choice is a single or double rail rectangular.

– Ask about specialty racks like hat displays or four-rod dress displays. Think outside of the box, and there’s usually something that will work for you!