Your arms aren’t six feet long. You’re going to be more like six inches from your guests’ faces, not six feet. We understand social distancing is a challenge in the salon business. It’s not just between you and the guest. It’s between the receptionist, the other guests, the other stylists. You can let MidAtlantic Fixtures help with salon configurations, while you focus on your guests. Here are some hair “do’s” you might want to consider to foster social distancing in the upcoming months.

  • Install a high counter in your reception area. This will not only put distance between you and your guests in width, but also in height. It will give you enough space to have your appointment books spread out, and to handle product sales right at the counter. Counters can be used for dividers for many reasons, why not social distancing? The units also come in a variety of materials and colors to complement your salon’s décor.
  • Use the front of the counter for display purposes by adding slat wall that has hooks for packaged products. They’ll be convenient for guests to grab while paying for their services. Many counters come pre-fit with slat wall in colors like cherry, maple, white or black.
  • In the cutting and styling areas, modify chair layout so that every chair is more than six feet away from the next, and divide the stations using personalized shelving units or cubbies next to each chair. Stylists can store supplies and tools on the shelves, allowing the stylists to minimize movement throughout the salon.
  • Display only samples of each styling product, not the entire inventory, reducing the likelihood of the containers being touched by multiple people. A rounder with shelves and drawers is a great addition to your lobby area or near the sinks. Product can be showcased on top and easily found by employees in organized drawers.
  • For each stylist station, consider grid wall that can hold hanging items like hair dryers, scissors, and clips. These tools will be neatly arranged and within easy reach of the stylist, without the need to touch doors or drawers.
  • Use a countertop glass display case that fits in a corner for showcase items – whether it’s gift cards, gift baskets or salon products, make it work for you to get back in business again!