This is the first in a series of blog posts delving into one of the most popular shelving options for retail: Gondola Shelving.
This month: The Upright Is Downright Important!

To the untrained eye of the unassuming drug store or grocery store shopper, shelving is shelving. It holds the products that interest them, and it serves no other real purpose for them. If it were buckling in the middle from too much weight, or it was crammed with too many items, perhaps customers would notice and wonder a little about the shelving. Whether retail customers notice it or not, gondola shelving is the mainstay of the retail store floor. It’s the most commonly used type of shelving because it’s flexible, movable and expandable.

Any metal shelf system that runs a length of more than four feet can be considered gondola shelving. It’s best used along walls or as an island unit. Everything except the back pegboard is metal, and the shelves themselves can be adjusted to any height. The real first step in putting your gondola shelving to work is to choose the correct uprights. The uprights are the long pieces of metal that are slotted at even increments (usually one-inch) increments along the length of the piece. They are the heart of the gondola system.

Gondola shelving does not use posts in four corners like other shelving types. The uprights are the determining factor in the size and height of the shelving. Beginning with a gondola starter kit, you can build your customized shelving with just four feet of shelving and uprights four feet tall. Uprights come in a variety of lengths, and are available in several colors, including black, silver, ivory and white, making creative configurations easy. Depending on your needs, the retail store fixture expert will recommend the correct length and weight for your product load. Always be sure to have the uprights anchored using the appropriate anchor plates. This is a safety issue any way you look at it.

Gondola Shelving

Finally, the uprights can also look their best when holding the shelves by using end pieces and a top cap to give the unit a polished, finished look, with no bare metal edge showing. When you are ready to expand your shelving, simply use upright extensions that complement your existing gondola shelving.