Slatwall is a staple for most retailers. It’s versatile and practical, and it allows for many imaginative configurations. But if you’re currently at a loss for more ideas on how to move the pegs around or get the wall to have a little more personality, don’t despair! Most slatwall comes in white, black, mahogany or cherry. As summer approaches, the brighter colors work their way into merchandise and fashion – why not store displays? You can get cost-effective, colorful laminate or vinyl stickers specially made for your slatwall. For example, brand your identity in-store with your logo on your slatwall display. It can be as small or as large as you like, and it will bring your wall to life with its rich, four-color printing. Another option is to showcase the merchandise you’ll be displaying on the slatwall by pulling out key slogans or logos of the brands. A video game store created vinyl stickers for each of the game companies in its line and had them placed over the sales area. Or, you can consider covering full pieces of slatwall in a solid color of your choice to brighten up the background.

MidAtlantic Store Fixtures offers vinyl and laminate slatwall options as a turn-key program for our customers. An on-staff graphic designer will work with you to recommend designs, provide some options and refine your choices. The slatwall is delivered with the graphics already placed properly by our trained experts, so you don’t have to worry about placement. The display arrives ready to install. It’s that easy — so get creative, and let’s showcase your slatwall!