Just when the winter is becoming drudgery and you’re looking for ways to make your retail space more inviting, the display staple of gridwall comes to the rescue. Think creatively and spice up your displays with different shapes, sizes and colors of gridwall. By incorporating a variety of bases into your store fixtures, you can create triangles, pinwheels or H-shapes that are visually appealing to your customer and practical for your inventory needs.

A three-way base can create a triangle that can be used for hooking and displaying merchandise. Graduate to an H-base if you have shelving. It works wonders with the longer four-foot shelves as a hang rack, allowing a display on one side and inventory on the opposite side. A four-way base offers the option of a pinwheel to feature clothes on both hooks and shelves. It’s a great way to showcase a compete outfit and inventory folded shirts or pants on the shelves underneath. Consider using gridwall to elevate product, as well. A display piece above eye level at about eight feet high allows convenient inventory of the product underneath, so your customers have easy access.

All of these gridwall configurations fit in a space of just four feet, and the shapes invite customers to explore the product on the retail sales floor. Try changing your color scheme to incorporate black – it’s a trendy new look that gives your store floor a contemporary lift. A mixture of chrome and black will also add a sleek, high-tech feeling to your display. Even as winter drags on, your creativity with gridwall fixtures can refresh from the inside out.