There’s a fascination with the country leaders “across the pond” — the British royalty, that is – and U.S. retailers are capitalizing on themes that speak to that infatuation. Add the movie release of “Cinderella” and you’ve got a royal ball in the making.

Retail floor designs can be royal-friendly with some simple additions or modifications:

  • Try the minimalistic approach: straight hanging racks, pin-spot ceiling lighting and cubby shelving for a tidy, easy-selection atmosphere. It speaks “upscale” and “modern” – both of which associate royalty.
  • Create an “exclusive” area in your store that is divided by visual cues or physical cues. It can be gauzy curtains or velvet roping or a display of mannequins. The cues should draw customers into a special area featuring selections that are different from the rest of the floor – whether these are great sale specials or higher end goods – it’s your choice on what you think will both sell and make customers feel like they are among the “select” shoppers.
  • Use half-mannequins or dress forms clad in chic, colorful dresses. The selections should be sleek and classic, reflective of the British royalty, in an effort to make customers feel entranced by the experience of seeing and sampling them. Add accessories like supple leather purses or belts to increase interest.
  • Use cubby shelving or rolling units with dividers on top and hidden storage space underneath to keep displays neat and organized. This works especially well with leather goods, wallets and small accessories.
  • Have an adequate number of sharply dressed help on hand to show customers the merchandise and answer questions. Be sure they are hovering in the wings, not creating buying pressure by being underfoot everywhere a customer turns. Choose friendly, polite demeanor over snooty – a helpful sales clerk is the first and last impression and the crowning jewel of the royal experience.