Part of the allure of retail is the creativity of merchandising on the retail floor.  If you’re tired of the run-of-the-mill fixtures and layouts, take some time this summer to get inventive!  One of the most flexible, yet underutilized fixtures is grid wall.  Anything that has traditionally been displayed using gondola or slat wall can be done with gridwall.  Available in short pieces – usually two-foot intervals – gridwall is flexible and requires very little cutting before putting it in place.  Try these ideas:

  • Use grid wall to create an H-unit on the end of a gondola.  This technique showcases an item or group of items from that section of your store floor.
  • Create triangle units from grid wall to represent spinners and give traditional rounders a rest.
  • Make a grid wall pinwheel unit, enabling several items to be “front and center” at once.
  • Develop a makeshift wall by placing the grid wall so that it is slightly fanned at the ends.  Then display your featured product or use as a wall to hanging artwork or framed products, rather than having everything stacked from front to back in a bin.
  • Use grid wall in an awkward space where nothing else seems to fit.  By using clips against the side of the grid wall, you can create any number of odd, interesting shapes. 

For maximum flexibility, make sure your grid wall is on casters so that you can move displays easily throughout the store.  Experiment with grid wall and let us know your ideas!