When October rolls around, back-to-school turns into Halloween.  Store floors start to come together in a cozy gathering of merchandise.  There are holiday items to display, along with regular store merchandise, so the floor is getting more crowded by the minute.  A few things you should do to make your store ready for fall:


  • darken the fixtures a bit to blend with the season, if you have the ability to do so.  Woods are lovely and reflect your business success.  Out of the price range?  You’d be surprised how much more floor space you open up by just putting some of your merchandise in a white, off-white or black.
  • use your wall space more efficiently to display products.  Place merchandise higher up on grid wall or slat wall, freeing up more floor space.  Make it accessible to customers as necessary.
  • close in your cash-wrap area to keep it separate from the rest of the retail floor so that when lines get long, it doesn’t interrupt traffic flow.


  • design a retail space that looks cluttered.
  • put too much on display at once.  Keep some inventory in the storage room, or keep some merchandise back so that the store is refreshed more often.
  • get discouraged by the amount of products you need to display during the Fall and holiday seasons – there is a place for everything, if you think out of the box.  If that’s not your forte, ask for help at your fixture reseller.  He or she can not only help you plan your space, but he or she can also provide the best value in shelving, grid wall and slat wall for your merchandising needs.