You have so many choices in signage. If you need portable signage for your business, you’ll want to keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind to get the most out of your investment.

dos and dont's of for choosing right portable signage


  • Consider the indoor/outdoor use. Some signs can be used in both locations, others are specifically designed for one or the other. Dual-use signs are durable and most often plastic or wooden. Fabric signage is best left inside unless there is no threat of bad weather.

  • Choose sign types that are readable. Lettering should contrast the background as much as possible and script or typeface should be simple and clear. Size of the text depends on the signage size, but generally it should be readable from several feet away.

  • Keep the message brief. Say what you want to advertise in as few words as possible.

  • Choose a sign type that is easily cleaned. If it has tiny nooks and crannies that collect dust, you’ll have to store it covered when not in use or spend valuable time cleaning that dust every time you put the sign out for use.


  • Cut corners on signage just to get something out there. The better the quality, the more likely you will be able to reuse it.  Portable signage takes a beating by its nature, because it is constantly being moved. Getting something sturdy at the beginning will make your job easier in the long run.

  • Lock yourself into a sign that isn’t versatile. You should be able to envision at least two uses for the sign.  For example, a fold-able plastic sign can serve outdoors to warn of slippery sidewalks or it can guide people inside the store. If it can be reused by changing the lettering, all the better.

  • Be long-winded. Signage should have as few words as possible.  Think “at a glance” – meaning the message should be able to be read quickly. Too many words and details will hinder the call to action.