Slat wall is a great tool for changing things up on your store floor. It’s cost-effective, easy to assemble and can make a noticeable difference in the presentation of your displays. It lends organization and order to products that might otherwise be haphazardly thrown in a bin or on a shelf.

To make your slat wall look sleek and upscale, use white melamine product. Unlike paint grade slat wall, which shows its uneven texture despite three to four coats of paint over a primer, white melamine has a smooth finish, no matter the paint. It can be primed using any primer (paint grade requires an oil-based primer), and the paint itself can be any color. Mix and match with flooring or existing wall colors – blending will make the product “pop” against a monochromatic background, and using contrasting colors will make the display itself the center of attention.

Adding metal inserts to slat wall will add capacity, reliability and a fashionable appearance. The metal inserts should fit exactly into the wall space for a seamless look. One insert can double or even triple the number of products you can display. The usual slat wall brackets at generously spaced intervals normally holds 10 – 15 pounds before popping a slat. If the hooks are closer together, concentrating the weight in a smaller area, the weight restriction will be greater. By adding metal inserts, the capacity increases to 40 pounds or more. Even if you are not increasing the amount of product displayed, the inserts make your slat wall more durable and reliable. In addition, they simply look good. Metal provides an impressive contrast against gray, black and cherry slat wall.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You may be pleasantly surprised.