When planning your marketing and merchandising budgets for the New Year, don’t forget the displays! The way your merchandise is displayed is a key marketing tool that can enhance sales. For instance, you can plan to freshen up your retail floor a few times a year with seasonal displays. These not only include signage and merchandise, they can also include new fixtures. “New” doesn’t mean never used. It means never seen on your floor. These fixtures don’t have to be budget-busters. Gently used shelving or cabinets are cost-effective and available, and they bring a different look to your sales floor.

Tell your store fixture consultant what you have planned for seasonal displays and ask him or her to keep an eye out for anything that meets your needs. Think of creative ways to personalize and customize your existing fixtures. MidAtlantic Store Fixtures offers colorful decals and artwork that are designed with your guidance by our graphic designers. This artwork personalizes your fixtures in a professional, high-impact way for seasonal displays or additional brand awareness.

Consider trading in a few of your current fixtures for another type that might help traffic flow in your store or allow more storage space for inventory. Making product readily available is one of the best ways to move it. Plan for the entire year ahead, so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute when, for example, swim suits arrive and you find yourself with no way to display them! You lose precious time when you have to select and wait for displays to arrive. Considering your displays as marketing tools will help you to keep ahead of the seasons and provide a great selling experience for you.