Every store has at least one – that odd-shaped item that simply does not fit on a traditional gondola shelf or in a case with shelving. Perhaps you can display a single unit, but you can’t back it up with inventory quantities on the display floor. It could be a ball, a wreath, a lamp or a can of motor oil. Regardless, you need to find a way to make it easy for both you and the customer to handle this merchandise.

If the item is non-breakable and small to medium-sized, a good solution might be a dump bin. These are floor-standing or can be put on a low platform, and they hold lots of merchandise. Their name is their claim to fame, because you literally “dump” all the product in them and let the rest up to your customers. There’s no straightening, sorting or selling. The customer digs around in the bin — it doesn’t matter what it looks like — and the product magically sells itself.

Grid wall can also be used creatively to display and inventory uncommon items. Use a base to make H-shaped or triangle-shaped displays, then mount the product on the fixture. You can also use it to make a single piece with legs. For products that have angled sides, use the grid wall to create a fan display with angles that flair out. Try making an angled display that resembles a folding oriental screen, by positioning the grid wall on opposing diagonals. Grid wall allows for any shape and size – just use your imagination! One customer made a ball bin by using three pieces to make a triangle, and two smaller pieces to create a gate effect at the top and bottom. He filled it with large balls, and customers could pull one ball out at a time, bringing the next one down from the top. The display could be reloaded from the top.