If you want to add customized graphics to your displays, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. Sometimes custom fixtures can nearly quadruple your price. How do you take an ordinary store fixture and make it extraordinary? Work with a team of qualified designers and visual merchandisers who can turn your display into something that is created for your unique needs, that’s how.

MidAtlantic Store Fixtures offers this special service. Our intention is to help small retailers get the in-store identification that has only traditionally been available to the larger retailer. Our graphics professionals can help you to determine the look and feel you want to project with your customized graphics, and they can recommend best placement options for displays. They can give you ideas for vinyl signage or painted murals on any of your displays, including cases, slat wall and rounders. Or, they can take your existing design and apply it on your fixtures.

When creating the graphics, keep your sales objectives in mind. Use colors and images that will appeal to your target consumer. Make sure everything has a purpose – to sell, to direct, to provide information or examples. Keep words to a minimum and use as many pictures or graphic elements as possible. The words you do use should make an impact on the customer, grabbing their attention and providing a call to action. Select graphics that will be long-lasting, even through changing seasons. Your company logo is a good choice, as is your tagline or a design in your store’s identifying colors. When strategically placed, they can be the first and the last thing a customer sees when shopping in your store. If the graphics make a strong impression, not only will the customer remember the retail experience at your store, he will also be more likely to return for more shopping.

Keep in mind that customizing your store fixtures may take a little more time – from consultation through approval and installation – but the long-term results will be worth the wait!