If you’re in the market for fixtures, shelving or storage units for your retail store floor, you’ll find a variety of sources and an even wider variety of item choices. You can order online in most cases, or you can call direct and visit a local showroom or warehouse. Most likely you’ll do your research first, then compare pricing and make your decision.

Be sure your comparisons are equal – not only for the product itself, but for all the additional services you expect. First, consider product quality and versatility. Next, ask about availability. Is it in stock, and if not, what is the estimated in-stock date, followed by the estimated delivery date to your location? Speaking of delivery, what’s the charge for shipping, delivery and assembly? If you’re trying to get a deal from a Midwest or west-coast internet sales site, don’t fall prey to their claims of “rock-bottom” prices. Add the shipping costs, delivery fees and assembly charges, and you could be in for some sticker shock. Or, you may be surprised to learn these companies don’t even have assembly availability.

Ordering retail fixtures locally can eliminate these concerns. Your fixtures will be on your store floor quicker and more cost-effectively, resulting in faster profits. At MidAtlantic Store Fixtures, only product that is already in inventory becomes part of a customer quote. Product is always available for immediate shipment, and it’s always shipped within 24 hours. Quick shipping gives everyone an advantage. It seals the deal from both the perspective of the client, because he or she has the fixtures in-store the next day, and the warehouse distributor, because he can make room for additional pieces. Bonus: shipping costs are minimal, and delivery is guaranteed.