Spring calls for an airy, upbeat retail environment. One way to achieve that is to deviate from the traditional silver, black or brown fixtures. By simply lightening the color scheme in your store, you give the area a “pick-me-up.” Start with slat wall. If you traditionally use a dark mahogany or black, try some white or light maple colored slat wall. Arrange your product in such a way that the color from the garments or the packaging of the product “pops” in front of the white or light back drop.

Switch your display cabinets to white, glass or light maple. Again, be particularly aware of how you position your product on the shelves or in the case. Provide an illusion of color by lining the shelves or cases with a soft pastel-colored fabric that is just subtle enough to get the shopper’s attention and pique his or her interest. Or, use bright colors to accent the product within the case. With a lighter colored case, the bright background colors will be attention-getters.

If budget is a limiting factor for switching out your fixtures, consider adding a single item to your inventory each season. Most definitely look at sale items and used fixtures – these are consistently the best deals, and you never know what you’ll happen upon in the sale section. As each season rolls around, blending the lighter, airy fixtures with the darker, heavier-weight ones will signal a transition on the store floor and will help you to bring in the new season seamlessly.