It seems that everyone is on edge. The smallest issues turn into big battles – not because something’s been done incorrectly, but because our schedules are awry and our routines have gone haywire. The culprit: the winter weather.

Any planning has gone by the wayside thanks to Mother Nature’s repeated blasts to the nation. The extreme weather is paralyzing freight companies and wreaking havoc on deliveries. No matter that the roads are clear for a week in Maryland – if your fixture order is coming from another state, you’re a victim of a rolling tide of delivery issues. You may have a warehouse full of product inventory but no way to display it. You’re spending more time tracking down deliveries and figuring out how to compensate for late displays than you are running your business.

Inclement weather has caused shipments to be backlogged by a month at a time. Customers are at the mercy of freight companies. What’s the solution? Try ordering locally. MidAtlantic Store Fixtures has inventory and delivery trucks that travel throughout the tri-state area. Of course, deliveries are affected by local road conditions, but the difference between a day late and month late is huge.

By ordering locally, you won’t be chasing down refunds and tracking incoming packages from all over the country. You won’t be required to take a store credit and have to continue buying your fixture inventory from out-of-state vendors. Working with MidAtlantic Store Fixtures, you can be confident in the wide selection of available inventory. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you. If we can’t, we’ll tell you so. We believe in setting realistic expectations and meeting or exceeding them. It’s our commitment to customer service. And it’s our local customers who benefit.