As if to demonstrate their uniqueness beyond the ability to blow smoke rings or to offer the enjoyment of fancy scents, vapor stores seem to be paying special attention to décor and design.   They are using a variety of materials on ceilings, walls and countertops that will customize their look and make shopping there an experience.  In fact, sometimes all the effort on design interferes with good merchandising. 

This may be the case for other types of retail establishments, as well.  While there’s nothing wrong with being creative and thinking outside the box when you design your retail space, it’s more cost-effective and better for business to make sure everything works together.  For example, if you’ve found a really cool material that you want to use on the walls – like tin – before investing in it, make sure you have a suitable solution for displaying merchandise on the wall.  Slatwall can’t be mounted on it and pegs can’t be put in the tin.  What will you do?

MidAtlantic Store Fixtures recommends a design consultation before you purchase any materials for decorating or merchandising.  We can help you to brainstorm the reality of merchandising in your space.  We can work with you to help you get what you want and to maintain the versatility of the retail sales floor.  If you decorate your store in materials that can’t be changed for different selling seasons, then you’ll have no incentive to move merchandise around in the store, giving the customer a new way of seeing things, and, potentially, buying them.   This is so dangerous in the retail industry. 

MidAtlantic Store Fixtures has a team trained in retail merchandising design.  We can work with you to understand both your sales and image objectives.  We’ll find a way to help you use standard fixtures in creative ways.  We’ll recommend materials that compliment a merchandising plan and showcase your store’s personality.  Call MidAtlantic Store Fixtures now to set up an appointment.