Accessories aren’t just for your wardrobe, they work for your in-store displays, too!  Accessories can add dimension, organization and appeal to a display.  Here are a few tips:

  • Use a hook inside a jewelry case to display low-end jewelry.  Rather than laying necklaces or bracelets out in a case and using up valuable space or risking them becoming a jumbled mess, hang them on a hook and let gravity take over.  They will be tangle-free and easy to see and remove from the hook.
  • Trying to avoid a floor full of clothing racks?  Try a hang rod and two brackets attached to your slat wall for hanging clothes.  This can provide more open space on the retail floor and lend some interesting color or dimension behind the hanging clothes.
  • Mannequins are great display pieces, but they also can consume valuable floor space.  More cost-effective and space-effective are hanging form mannequins.  Hang them on grid wall on a hook to display merchandise in tight spaces. 
  • Often, floor-to-ceiling merchandising spaces have product stacked too high for customers to reach it.  Or, they have lots of unused space at the top end.  Instead of wasting this space or frustrating customers, make it work for you as a display area.  Use grid wall or slat wall above the inventory and attach a hanging form to fill the space.  Or, attach shelves and use small mannequin figures to display product.

Accessorizing your displays can be fun and inventive with just a few hooks, rods and forms.