Yawn – not grid wall again?  Yes! Grid wall!  Some people don’t get excited about grid wall, but we don’t see why not.  The versatility and literal flexibility of the product leaves so much room for creativity – it’s what design was meant to be.  Not the creative type?  Let us show you a few great ways to make your friends and customers think you are.  Here are some innovative uses for an old stand-by:

creative gridwall

  • Use as a folding screen – Never mind what’s behind the curtain. You can use grid wall at trade shows or in outdoor situations where you need to divide a space or hide something – namely a dressing room.  It doesn’t need feet, but you do need to be careful about placing it outdoors.  Look for a flat, paved surface.  Standing it in grass or pebbles will make it wobbly and unsteady.  Once it’s up, you can put your merchandise on one side and use the other side to hang clothes in your makeshift “dressing room.”
  • Add lighting – Indoors, use clip-on spotlights to feature products. You can utilize the top part of the display by hanging the spotlights and directing them on the pieces below.  Have the price of each item clearly marked underneath it.
  • Create a window display – Use S-hooks and wire to create a window display with half-body mannequins. A sturdy, yet invisible wire can connect the mannequins and they will look like they are floating in space.  This can be a difficult scene to pull off, so if you need help, contact a retail floor designer or a fixtures designer who can give you some specific tips.
  • Use tall grid wall to create a brick and mortar look  Grid wall that stretches upward over six feet allows you to put some features near the top of the wall where it’s not traditionally customer-friendly.  You not only utilize the space, you communicate a message about the product below.
  • Snag a small piece of grid wall panel for a table at a fair or trade show. Place it near a bin of grab-and-go items that you want to sell – if you’re in the beauty business, these may be travel-sized shampoos or hair sprays.  If you’re in the food business, a small snack item.  Whatever it is, be sure it is attractive to customers and easy to handle.  When cutting the grid wall, smooth the cut edges to avoid injury to arms, hands or children’s faces that might be at that level.
  • Create a smaller end cap display in your store. If there have been places that you wished you could have another section of gondola but there simply isn’t space, try using some grid wall – it is not as deep as the gondola, and by putting the grid wall on an L-hook at the end of the display, you can create a two or three-foot end cap, perfect for that little extra sales push.