If your store or restaurant isn’t yet fully open for business due to CoVID-19 restrictions, or if you want to generate more traffic but have occupancy limitations, look outside your space. Think about hosting sidewalk sales, setting up tents in the parking lot or putting out tables for orders outside the front doors. Restaurants can use the already-posted menu as a backdrop or a side display so people can read it to order and place the order with an attendant.

Work with the town and your neighboring businesses to create a space for all businesses that is safe and outdoors. Whether it’s under a tent or in the middle of the street, portable, movable retail store fixtures can lend a sense of organization to outdoor displays.

Garment racks – If you sell any type of clothing, linens, towels or carpeting, portable garment racks with a high and low tier can showcase these types of items on two levels. Try not to jam too many pieces on a rack – customers get frustrated if they can’t move the hangars freely. Plus, all that merchandise crammed in there does not encourage social distancing. The racks are also ideal for hanging towels and small carpets using the clip-on hangars. Invest in a couple of single, adjustable racks and hangars and you’re ready to display outdoors.

Slat wall and Grid wall – We’ve said that slat wall and grid wall are very flexible, and here’s another example of how they can be used. Place free-standing slat wall flat on the ground with plenty of space around it. Adjust the hooks so they are not going to catch on clothing or baggage as people walk by. A better use of slat wall and grid wall outdoors is as part of a table display. The slat wall can serve as a table back drop while displaying several rows of the same product in an organized fashion.

Tiered Tabletop displays – Choose display pieces that are weighted to avoid challenges on windy days. Tiers will add dimension and interest to the items on the table, just as it would indoors. If selling outside, be sure that anything valuable is locked or positioned more toward the back of the table.

Window Showcases – Don’t forget that this is a great place to put upper-end sales items so that they are not accessible for everyone to touch, but are clearly displayed with ample inventory showing through the window. Signage in the window indicating “Ask for me” or “Best-selling item” will prompt people to ask. If you have limited space outdoors, this is a good way to save on inventory space and have people ask about the window contents. Think about putting out only one of each item you want to sell and keeping an inventory of colors and sizes inside.

Wire Card Racks – If you sell greeting cards, post cards, books or any paper products, a rotating wire card rack can be invaluable. It allows for neat, organized product and access from all four sides. Be sure the items you place in the racks are short enough that the top of the item does not bow over, causing a wrinkle or fold in the item, or worse yet, causing it to get caught in a wind gust.